Marketing and Business are changing at a pace like never before.  To keep up you have to learn everything you can as fast as you can.  Matt's secret beyond attending professional development events whenever he can is to devour audio books.  If he is driving to see a client, running or even mowing the lawn, Matt has his headphones on and is listening to a book on advertising, marketing, technology, demographics, business and occasionally (don't tell anybody) a mystery, thriller or a little science fiction. - Rather than posting reading suggestions here, I've started keeping track of my reading on  It's a social reading site and I list what I read there, rate it and write reviews when I'm able.  Not only is it a great place to learn what I (and all of you Facebook friends) are reading.  It also recommends books based on your history and the book you are looking at so it's a great way to add to your reading list. - I have an entire wall of books in my office and another wall full in my office at home but audio books are where I really do my professional learning.  I've been an Audible user for years.  I bought the highest volume package they have and if they make a bigger one, I'll probably buy it.  I download audio books, magazines and newspapers into my phone and listen to them in the car, running and anywhere else I can.  It's a great way to learn and multitask. or - Some books need to be seen (but now at least you won't have to lug them around).  We have a Kindle at home and I've bought 2 or 3 as gifts but what I really love is the Kindle App on my Android pad.  I carry a dictionary, thesaurus and other reference books as well as any professional books I have on my Kindle shelf with me everywhere and it doesn't weigh an ounce!