Over the past 30 years, Matt has helped local, national and global organizations communicate with audiences to sell products, engage employees and customers, and influence policy. He is a consummate marketer. 

When Matt sheds his tie, he walks the woods, digs sassafras, picks pawpaws, hunts, kayaks and camps. He and his family have paddled from the Minnesota Boundary Waters, to the Mississippi Backwater and the Inland Waterways of South Carolina (not all on the same trip!).

Matt used to think he was a lucky guy just because he got to work in marketing, but now as a Engagement Strategist/Project Manager at DJ Case & Associates, Matt’s passion for marketing communications and his passion for nature have come together to serve our clients and, more importantly, the planet. 

Matt works with clients to develop messaging and communications strategies and manage projects to engage people in conservation. 

Matt has choked down more than his share of chicken dinners.  He's been involved in the American Advertising Federation at the college, local, district and national levels and attended professional lunch meetings, events and trade shows all over the country.

At all these meetings he learned a lot about marketing but he also learned what it takes to be a great speaker.  He strives to make all his talks fast paced, fun and informative.  Every attendee leaves with valuable take home that they can put to work right away, but until after they've had a few laughs.

Matt is now available to speak and give workshops to companies and organizations hoping to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.  He has spoken to advertising and marketing clubs accross America and taught several college classes.

This site outline's Matt's collection of talks, articles and class materials.  You might find them useful in your marketing efforts or in your evaluation of Matt as a potential speaker for your organization.

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Along with his colleagues at DJ Case as well as Bob Byrne Consulting, Southwick and Associates, Responsive Management and the states of Kentucky, Georgia, Wisconsin and Iowa Matt just finished the Locavore.guide project. 

As a part of that project, Matt made a series of videos for wildlife educators on how they might develop programs to recruit and educate locavores (people interested in local foods sources) to become hunters and anglers.

Here are a few of the videos in that series: